"Мой мир позаботится обо мне"
Jon Vs Musikk – Every Girl Ive Wanted

Verse 1:
Somewhere up in Hollywood
Above the sunset strip
That's where I first saw the girl
Who killed me with her kiss
She leaned across my chair
and said this party is a bore
Next thing I know she grabs my hand
And we're walking out the door

Bridge 1:
"I don't know"
Just how it came to be
"How that girl"
Captivated me
"There she goes"
Looking like a star,
all I know is that I gotta keep her in my arms

She s got a smile like Mona Lisa and a body like Bardot
what kills me is the way she moves like Marilyn Monroe
she s naughty like Madonna, with the class of Jackie O.
She s every girl I ve wanted and no girl I ve ever known

Verse 2:
She kicked of her stiletto heels
And said "come on, we'll take my car"
Three Martini's later in some tiny Melrose bar
I kissed her scarlett lips and know she took away my breath
She whispered in my ear "baby, you ain't seen nothing yet"

Bridge 2:
"I don't know"
Don't know what possesed me more, her
Was it the silverdress she wore
"There she goes"
She's driven me insane
All I know is that my heart will never be the same

She's got a smile...

Mid 8:
She's hit me like a drug
I can't get enough
Ain't no woman in the world who
"Get's me like she does"
I looked into her eyes
The rest is history
Girl with that great thing
Has put a spell on me
Every girl I've ever wanted
Every girl I've ever needed
Every girl I've ever wanted
No girl I've ever known

She's got a smile...

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